I've been working on a project with my brother, Sean Spuehler. Not only is he a totally awesome brother but he's also an amazing musician/producer/programmer (his credits include Madonna, Beck and most recently Adam Lambert to name a few). We've just finished 15 songs that will be released by Boosey & Hawkes, a publisher based in the UK, for licensing to TV/Film. This group of songs was really fun to write & record -- all super happy, upbeat tunes that were recorded in the home studio that we set up in my garage!


"Tracy Spuehler's tunes charmed their way into the public's ear on KCRW-FM and beyond, with bursts of wit and sweetness tempered by dollops of sobering reality." 

- Kevin Bronson, LOS ANGELES TIMES


"...Elements of Juliana Hatfield's little-girl lilt, Aimee Mann's confessional pop and Liz Phair's indie-rock feistiness. But this native Angeleno puts so much of herself into her songs that her music winds up charmingly fresh and all her own."

- Michael Berick, NEW TIMES


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