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Tracy Spuehler: Music


I’m tryin’ to cram

As much as I can

Into this hour


I really want to eat

But first I need to take a shower


It’s been three days or maybe four

I’ve lost count it could be more

Look at the toys scattered on the floor


I want to pick them up

But now I’m stuck on my computer


Glance at the news

Type in my username TSpuehler


I check my mail, reply, and send

And then confirm a facebook friend

And time is flying by again


There’re so many things to do

I don’t know how I’ll make it through


I’ll have to write this song

While eating almonds in the shower

Check my email through the glass

With my Super Mommy Power

Fold the laundry with my feet

While I am sweeping up the dust balls

Pick the toys up, organize them

Try to mend one of Jane’s special dolls

I’ll empty the dishwasher

A minute later fill it up again

I’ll exercise my arms and thighs

While on speaker with my friend

I’ll answer the front door

Sign for my order of some diapers

And a refill of the baby soap

Oh no…I think I hear her


She’s awake

And I am shaken from my fantasy

When I stand up

I am struck by the reality

Another naptime’s come and gone

And somehow I got nothing done

Good thing tomorrow’s another one…

Naptime tomorrow I’ll get it all done