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Tracy Spuehler: Music


(a KCRW favorite, and one that is near and dear to my heart)

We all gathered round

To put you in the ground

And say a thing or two

Celebrating you


With sun on my neck

We headed to the deck

Then someone said your name

And a hummingbird came


It came so silently

A whisper from the tree

And as we stopped to stare

It felt like you were there


Now the flowers grow so high

As days and weeks pass by


This might sound absurd

But the hummingbird

Had a red-headed mane

So we called it Jane


And as we made a fuss

It stared right back at us

Could hardly see itʼs wings

Doing the hummingbird thing



Could you have heard


Every single word


I hope you heard


Every single word


For a moment there

It hung right in mid-air

As if all time and space

Had left without a trace


Then it leaned in for a treat

Of purple flowers so sweet

And when the time was right

It carried on itʼs flight


We all gathered round...