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Tracy Spuehler: Home

My 4th solo-record, "Awake" has been released!  Thanks to all who attended the Album Release Show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles!  I hope you enjoy the new record!


"Awake," “six three one,” “It’s The Sound” and “You’re My Star,” with songs featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Showtime, MTV, VH1 and more, are available on iTunes, and CD Baby.  

It's the Sound cover It's the Sound cover ymscoverfinal2


Tracy Spuehler is an excellent example of why we continue writing about music after so many years. If we weren't connected to the undercurrents in the world of music we might never have heard the music created by this exceptionally gifted young lady. We love great melodies and Spuehler's music is chock full of them. Her upbeat feelgood pop is inspired and real. In today's musical climate glutted with so many artists driven by all the wrong motivations, albums like Awake come across like a nice fresh splash of cold water. Recorded with producer Liam Davis, Tracy's fourth full-length release is another resounding success. Using only the most basic traditional instruments, Spuehler manages to succeed where so many others fail. And that's probably because her music is so simple and direct. These ten songs are all smart and resilient. This music exists in a universe where creativity meets artistic integrity. These songs weren't written or recorded in order to make money. But with the right marketing and luck, they surely could. Cool sincere tracks include "This Is The Season," "Yellow Painted Line," "Never Noticed," and "Naptime." Great pop music that comes straight from the heart and satisfies the soul. Top pick. - babysue/LMNOP

Imagine a messy, chaotic world filled with junkyards and media billboards, all shouting noise, hype, and clutter. Now imagine in the middle of this mess is a little oasis, a little perfect circle with a single simple beam of light shining down on a girl singing a simple melody. That's Tracy. - Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby 

Spuehler's latest is this year's "You're My Star," yet another strong release that finds the songwriter boasting yet another collection of smart and infectious songs…Her lyrics are sharp and sugarless. Her songs never seem too long or too short. And her albums sound better and better after every listen. - Robbie McCown, Womenfolk